My Work

While quite a bit of my work is either not public or not easily consolidated into something "linkable", I can share some of the clients I work with and some of the web applications/tools I've created.


Here's a sampling of clients Andre Fredette Enterprises, LLC has served. These clients span a variety of Andre's service offerings.

Web Applications / Tools

I have created several web applications to provide solutions for specific problems with a rapid development cycle and short timeline.

Bar Member Status Checker

This tool allows you to check the current status of a list of attorneys via their Bar Membership Number. Pasting a column of member IDs will promp a check of each one against the specified state's directory and return status data as copy/pasteable text.

GPS Coordinate Extractor

This tool allows you to extract decimal or time formatted coordinate values from passages of text that would otherwise be very time consuming to identify and extract the values from.

CSV Sorter

This tool allows you to sort a CSV file's data by the Nth column, and output the result as copy/pasteable CSV text.

Get IP

This tool simply returns the visitor's current IP.


An implimentation of the FontIcon project with Font Awesome Pro enabled and some additional controls for vertical and horizontal positioning, this tool allows the simple and easy creation of a favicon utilizing the Font Awesome icon library.