Hi, I'm Andre Fredette

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I am a technologically-savvy, people-focused entrepreneur with over 15 years in the business of solving problems through the implementation of technology. I have served a wide variety of clients including agencies, retailers, non-profit organizations, churches, and small businesses.

Bridge the gap between a client and the technical people. In managing a project, my experience allows me to converse with developers “in their world” and then communicate with a client in an understandable, but technically accurate way. That communication also goes the other way in helping identify solutions that account for technical constraints.

Solve problems, especially with out-of-the-box solutions that score a win for all parties involved. I pride myself on being a people person, finding it natural and even compulsive to empathize with the client (or the “user”), which often results in steering technical solutions that go the extra mile to benefit the user.

Tell the truth. Integrity is incredibly important to me and it is the foundational principle of my business. I do what I say I will and I’m up-front - if I don’t know the answer, I’m not afraid to say so. While it can sometimes be challenging to “get real” about pricing, timeline, or mistakes, I put a premium on being transparent and have found, in the end, this builds strong trust.

Earn enthusiastic client feedback. I am selective about what I take on, only engaging in projects when I have a high confidence I will achieve excellent results. My goal is to make the client look good, while avoiding as many problems as possible along the way. My availability, proactivity, empathy, integrity, and solution-oriented mindset are why I have very grateful, long-term clients.

How I Work

My expertise is in client-centric solutions engineering and execution. To do that well I have experience and working knowledge of a variety of disciplines and have honed the craft of "catching on quick", always expanding my repertoire and seeking out new experiences and skills.


15+ years of experience in broad WordPress development. I've built and maintained commercial plugins, custom themes, custom integrations and many, many websites.


Proficiency in PHP, JavaScript (vanilla and jQuery), HTML, and CSS. Experience in MySQL, Linux systems, and Python. Strong proficiency in using Google to find answers.


Extensive experience in a variety of ecommerce systems including custom, ground-up solution builds to consulting and optimizing existing systems.

Business Operations

By understanding how a client's business works, my technical solutions are tailored to maximize their effectiveness in supporting the business objectives.


Management of projects, departments, and developer teams, I have experience in keeping the focus on-task and bringing out the best in a group to achive success together.

Team Player

I'm personable and don't just get along with everyone, but can work well to get things done! With strong empathy and charisma, I enjoy being on a team, blending the collective strengths together to achieve more than individually possible.

Let's Talk

I'm not trying to "sell" or manipulate - I work hard to be transparent and genuine in who I am and what I do. Pressure and desperation make poor foundations for a relationship, so my approach to new clients is to go slow and explore if we are a good fit for each other in a relaxed environment. If everyone feels good, we go and accomplish great things. If not, we part friends and leave the door open to trying again in the future.

If you would like to explore the possibilities, lets talk!

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